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Cashino Yeovil helps give 19 year old more independence

Thanks to CHIPS Charity and the joint fundraising efforts of customers and staff at Cashino Yeovil in Somerset, 19-year-old Wojciech Davies has been presented with a brand new powered wheelchair, which will increase his overall mobility, and his comfort whilst in the wheelchair.

Cashino, which operates 160 adult gaming centres across the country, is one of the main fundraisers for CHIPS, a charity set up on behalf of the casino and gaming industry, which provides specialised wheelchairs for children with severe mobility problems.

Wojciech, who lives in Hatherleigh, Devon with his mum and dad, Guzik and Richard, suffers from Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, epilepsy and learning difficulties – a number of brain disorders affecting vision, speech, memory, physical co-ordination and the ability to walk.

Wojciech’s mum, Guzik, said: “Due to his condition, Wojciech needs help with daily tasks and moving around. We strive to make his life as easy as we can, and this new wheelchair will allow him to move from place to place more independently, and the ‘hi/lo’ function will help him reach tables and more. Wojciech is moving into a new assisted living facility in the next two weeks and this new chair will mean he can get around on his own. We’re so thankful to Cashino and CHIPS for this wheelchair, it will truly make a difference to his, and our lives.

Cashino Yeovil venue manager, Clair, said: “It’s such a proud moment to know that our fundraising efforts are going to make such a huge difference to Wojciech and his family’s life. It’s so important for Cashino to help this young man and his family.”

One of the co-founders of CHIPS charity Linda Lindsay said: “It is so important for CHIPS that our donors see the results of their hard work, and we try to ensure that all the recipients are local to where the funds have been raised. Cashino and parent company Praesepe have been amazing, and have donated £1.2 million allowing CHIPS to provide more than 150 wheelchairs up and down the country.”

In total CHIPS has raised more than £2.2 million to date and presented over 520 wheelchairs to children throughout the UK.

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