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100 years service at Gauselmann Group

We would like to congratulate our members of staff Nigel Davis, Simon Dixon, and Andy Tipple on completing a combined total of 100 years’ service working for the Gauselmann Group. We are delighted to have all three as a part of our team and we are proud of you for making it to this huge milestone.

During this time the three have covered various roles ranging from Service Engineer, Venue Manager, Area Manager, Electronic Gaming Manager, Service Manager, and Gaming Support roles.

Both Simon and Andy have worked at the company for thirty years, whilst Nigel has shared forty years of experience with us. It has been a pleasure having all three on board and we applaud the determination and effort you have demonstrated during your time with us. Thank you for all of the contributions you have made to the product department and the hard work you have put in to making our company successful. We look forward to seeing all of the great things we know you will accomplish in the upcoming years.

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